On-Boarding External Sales Agents

Policy Number: SLS-011


To certify external agents with Care N’ Care.


CNC: Care N’ Care

Direct Agent: Independent agent that receives commissions directly from Care N’ Care

Field Marketing Organization (FMO): An FMO is an agency contracted to provide broad coverage for the marketing and sales of a health plan. Areas of support will include, but are not limited to, Marketing/ lead Generation, Call Center capabilities, and Administrative functions

FMO Sub-Agent: Downline of an FMO company

GHG (Gorman Health Group): Company contracted by CNC to administer the CNC Sales Agent certification program, including collection of required documentation (i.e. daily state licensing, AHIP certification, background checks) and facilitation of on line sales certification training and examination

Salesforce: Lead Management Database


To ensure on-boarding agents receive registration code and complete Gorman Sentinel Elite training and certification to become certified to sell CNC health plans. CNC’s training and certification completion criteria is 85%. Agents that meet the completion criteria, can begin selling CNC Medicare health plans. If Sales Agent is unable to achieve 85% in order to pass, additional tries are at the discretion of the Senior Manager Of Sales.


Provide interested external agent with required registration code and user guide depending on type of agent.